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L'Oreal Paris Woman of Worth- Alison O'Neil, B.S., Clinical Skin Care and Aesthetic Rehabilitation Therapist, Geriatric Aesthetic Specialist is based in Atlanta and is a consultant to Aesthetic Center. She practices with great integrity and ensures that her clients' needs are addressed with the utmost of importance. She is committed to meeting those needs with caring foresight and knowledgeable insight. Following 7 years of education and specialized training and 30 years of clinical practice in Dermatological Clinical Skin Care and counseling, Alison O'Neil has a high percentage of repeat customers and referrals. NEW Clients are regularly referred and are ALWAYS welcome!

AVAILABLE for Presentations. O’ Neil is a pioneer in her practice fields of Medical Esthetics, Geriatric Aesthetics Aesthetic Rehabilitation. For 30 years she has shared pearls gleaned from with lay audiences and professionals nationwide. Ms. O’Neil is now confronting the NEW Aging Frontier directly by pioneering again with the development of a specialty called Geriatric Aesthetics©.

Motivational, Engaging and Presentations!

Also, LOOK FOR MS. O'NEIL presentations where she addresses topics from living with Acne, body disorder, Lupus, psoriasis eczema.

Living with Lupus A window for a quiz will appear, but you can close it in order to better see the background. You can navigate to the skin piece by clicking on the camera icon (attached to the bureau mirror)—the video should start playing.

Among her professional published and media credits, Ms. O’ Neil has served on the editorial board of Progressive Clinical Insights and The Medical Journal for Skin Care Professionals. She has been nationally recognized in Self, Mademoiselle, Woman’s Day, American Health, Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country magazines as well as several major newspapers and television networks including CNN, TBS, and ABC & NBC. Her most recent publication can be found in Aging Well Magazine.

She was appointed three times to the Georgia State board of Cosmetology. She additionally acted as the examiners representative for Esthetics and was member and Esthetic Committee Chairperson of the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology Exam Board. She was an on-going subject matter expert for the development of the National Licensing Examination for the practice of Esthetics and wrote/revised the national exam 5 times.

Ms. O’ Neil holds a degree in Mental Health and Human Services with a specialization in The Psychology of Appearance and Cosmetic Treatments. She is a licensed Esthetician and was a Medical/ Surgical Assistant in Dermatology. In 1982, Ms. O’ Neil began the first Dermatological Rehabilitation Clinic in the country at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.  

She is also noted as a significant member of the Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Association, (known today as the Personal Care Products Council) founding committee of the National Look Good... Feel Better Program co-sponsored by the American Cancer Society, Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association and The National Cosmetology Association. For her rolam she was awarded the Quality of life Award by the American Cancer Society’s, Georgia Division. Ms. O'Neil participated for over 10 years training volunteers and patient participants around the country.

Ms. O’ Neil represented L’ Oreal through The Dermablend Academy where she introduced the importance of physical appearance challenges to medical residents throughout the United States. She has presented grand rounds lectures to the nation’s leading medical schools (30 of the top 50). Ms. O’Neil also presents regularly at Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, nursing, esthetics and other related professional medical meetings.

Her proven commitment to the field of Medical Esthetics and Aesthetic Rehabilitation makes her a highly qualified speaker on topics from general healthy skin care, skin disorders to the Psychology of Appearance and living with you dis-ease with life. She is well versed on insights regarding dermatologic care, pre- and post operative esthetic needs and related cosmetic skin care issues, as well as, appearance changes implied by illness and its treatments. Her focus includes both the emotional/psychological ramifications, as well as, the aesthetic health challenges presented by appearance loss or change. 

While busy developing her charity, The Beauty Becomes You Foundation, she continues to serve patients in private practice while consulting with Medical Spas on the practice of medical esthetics also pioneering the development of “Geriatric Aesthetics ©”. Ms. O'Neil lectures annually at the American Society on Aging Conference regarding the needs of senior adults.

Abbreviated Introduction for Presentations:

Ms. O’ Neil has been practicing in the fields of Clinical Skin Care and Aesthetic Rehabilitation for over twenty-nine years. She shares her pearls of patient care with professionals nationwide.Nationally recognized in Self, Mademoiselle, Woman’s Day, American Health, Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country magazines as well as several major newspapers and television networks including CNN, TBS, ABC, NBC& WebMD. Her most recent publication in 2009 can be found in Aging Well Magazine.

In 2005, Ms. O’Neil founded The Beauty Becomes You Foundation (BBYF) a nonprofit aesthetic health initiative that embraces a holistic approach to addressing senior hygiene needs. The mission of BBYF is to preserve the dignity and self respect of senior adults through the provision of aesthetic health products and professional servicesMs O’Neil is also pioneering the development of a new field called “Geriatric Aesthetics ©” which teaches personal care professionals and beauty professionals to recognize conditions related to aging respond at their lever of proficiency and refer when needed.

Alison O'Neil Offers UNIQUE CARE FOR Clients who are living with:

ACNE & RELATED CONDITIONS, AGING-WELL CONCERNS, ANTI-AGING SOLUTIONS, SENSITIVE SKIN CONCERNS & GENERAL MEDICAL CONDITIONS AND THEIR TREATMENTS that effect the skir, nails and the way someone looks. As a specialist in the Psychology of Appearance Ms. O'Neil "Coaches" patients from 8-108 who are living with specific challenges in relationship to loss of appearance due to acne (at any age), grooming and hygiene challenges presented by conditions of aging, dermatologic conditions, chronic illness, trauma, congenital deformity or self-percieved loss.

Clinical Skin Care Treatments Offered Below Include "Coaching"

Unique Clinical Acne Therapy (includine surgery, Inter-lesional injections and LN2 therapy) Acne is more than skin deep as it affects how we feel about ourselves and how others may react to us. There are many superficial therapies available that work temporarily. Acne is not a temporary condition unless it is related to the use of specific drugs or contact with something that irritates the skin. Many conditions LOOK like acne but are not. Be assured that this therapy will make you and your skin look and feel better. Learn to live with the skin you are in. 

Geriatric Aesthetics- Dry skin, fragile skin, fine skin, delicate skin & skin thickening are all characteristics of aging. From head to toe skin changes with age. Since everyone ages at a different rate due to heredity, life style, sun damage, medications, diet, attitude and sleep patterns, the actual age of skin to be considered in a "geriatric state" is younger for some than others. It is the characteristics and conditions that matter. Skin diseases and disorders such as Eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, puritis (itchy skin), changes in nails and hair are all considered in this category. The ability to take care of our skin daily also changes as our capabilities are altered by loss of vision, touch, smell even hearing and taste (loss of interest in foods due to loss of taste effects diet and therefore skin condition) as well as changes in capabilities like bending over or reaching for things, thermoregulation (imbalance of the bodies cold/hot temperature regulation) can effect one's interest in bathing and certainly loss of mental acuity effects not only the individuals abilities but then effects the caregivers capabilities as well. Caregivers are also welcome to learn more about skin CARE for those whose care they are responsible. 

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapies for pigmentation (vascular (red) & pigment (brown))

IPL for Hair Removal

Sensitive Skin Care Therapies

Syneron Refirme Skin Tightening- Restores Collagen, tightens and improvere of aging skin.

Juvéderm is the first dermal filler approved by the FDA to smooth skin and reduce the appearance of laugh lines, crow's-feet, small lip lines, and fine lines around the mouth and nose for up to a year.

Botox is an FDA-approved procedure to temporarily reduce the appearance of moderate to severe lines between the eyebrows by injecting medicine that targets muscle contraction under the skin.


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