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The Eyes Have It! Rosacea? Really?

Posted on 9 July, 2018 at 18:17
So I thought I'd write about conditions that you might see (no pun intended) around your eyes. The first that comes to mind is rosacea. As you may already know, the word rosacea means red. We used to use the diagnosis acne rosacea but that was changed well over 10 years ago. When rosacea was diagnosed, we'd look for the characteristics of everything from a red glow in the cheeks to the red, bulbus nose likened always to W.C. Fields or Karl Maulden. These were two actors that you won't know unless your parents or grandparents introduced you to them. 
Acne- like blemishes could also be seen and different from acne vulgaris, these lesions would be painful and never express like typical acne. The skin would also be very hot and uncomfortable. OH! the eyes. Peri-orbital rosacea is a condition we sometimes see alone. Meaning you can JUST have rosacea in the upper cheeks and around the eye area. Surprisingly, it also involves the eyes themselves. Your skin can be flaring slightly and they can be red and irritated and you wonder why? Rosacea it is. The painful, red raised lesions generally form on the upper cheeks in the viscinity of the eyes. 
The easiest thing is to calm with something cold. Sometimes, even though rosacea is often tied to diet the following recommendation has nothing to do with that. However, you could if you wanted to take it by mouth and I've recommended Phillips Milk of Magnesia as a mask as well. The Mint flavor I prefer. It is more aesthetically pleasing to the scent. Of course, if this condition persists- and it may come and go- especially if you don't change a few things about your diet or stress coping skills, you should consult a dermatologist. Some actually specialize in rosacea so you may seek one in your community who does. 
Coming from Northern European (Scots/Irish) decent, I have expereinced this untoward skin condition a few times. I have to say that learning a few coping skills, watching your diet for spicy foods, hot (temperatures) in foods and climates and yes, alcohol consumption are really effective toward curtailing this condition.But as with any condition, if you try a few things and it seems to worsen, see a dermatologist as you may need a booster anti-biotic that you would take by mouth.  Any questions? 

Categories: Emotional Skin CARE

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