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It's Your Skin

Live Well & Be Happy In It

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About Beauty Becomes You®- Help BBY Touch the World!

A 501(c)(3) Charitable Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia. Growing Chapters around the World! 

Regardless of age, a side effect of feeling good about the way you look is owning your unique value. Beauty Becomes You® is about making someone feel worthwhile for as long as they live.
The power of touch is undeniable. Babies suffer from Failure to Thrive syndrome and so do our seniors when they are not touched. As a result of aging, often senior adults have fragile skin, hair and nail concerns which can be exacerbated by medical conditions, medications lack of proper care.
The side effect of healthy skin, hair nails is looking good and feeling good about the way you look inspires everyone. 

It is not about vanity, it's about your identity. 

Since awareness of senior needs is keying serving, BBYF shares with volunteers expert training in geriatric aesthetic© health and wellbeing. Recognizing the conditions of aging, knowing how to Respond appropriate to professional capabilities and knowing who to Refer to in the community- if necessary -is all part of the expertise in working with seniors. A sensitivity of their needs both emotionally and physically stimulates new light and vitality in each individual who is touched by a Beauty Becomes You volunteer. 

This is about making someone feel worthwhile for as long as they live.- Founder, Alison O'Neil

Our Story

BBYF was founded in 2005 by Alison O’Neil in memory and spirit of her kind-hearted father who said to her, “Beauty becomes you,” just before he died.

BBY volunteers provide a positive experience for older adults and their families by fulfilling valuable everyday grooming needs of seniors with limited access, opportunity, and means to aesthetic health program and aesthetic healthcare services including basic hair, skin, and nail care as well as massage therapy. Volunteer licensed cosmetology and healthcare professionals (aesthetic health professionals) provide services in safe, convenient locations for seniors. Since we started the program approximately 500 amazing volunteers have served more than 5000 senior clients over 15,000 services. We receive requests all the time from all over the world for programs. Come help to make our mission bigger and better. 

Start a Chapter where you are. Help us touch the world.